About Us

Advocacy work is mired in ethical, moral and political issues. At “Advocacy to Believe In” our goal is to be critical, questioning advocates. We aim to thoroughly examine and provide information about the various sides and perspectives related to the causes for which we’re advocating. When we engage in advocacy work related to communities outside of our own, we do our best to serve the needs and requests of local stakeholders. Sometimes all we need to do is provide a channel through which the voices of those stakeholders can be heard – we like to think that we function as a virtual megaphone.

Here at Believers in Advocacy, we believe in more than advocacy.  We believe that critical reflection and inquiry has a place outside the ivory tower.  We also believe that by engaging one another in thoughtful and productive conversation we, as activists and advocates, can make more informed and aware decisions about our work for justice, be it social, economic, and/or political.

We make no claims about our ability to change the world, but we’re hoping that eventually we’ll have an effect on the way that people think about that world. Join us?


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