Help Now

We understand the thrill of that big push for an important issue. There is something about working with a huge group of people, under time pressure, towards a goal that seems to have global implications that creates an almost intoxicating sense of power for positive change.

While we do take on that sort of project (and will be sure to let you know when we’ve got one) we also believe in the power of constant community action. Block parties and urban community gardens can have as much impact on a mindset as a major march and sometimes they’re just less meddlesome. No city, town or street is perfect, so while you’re contemplating your next big move, why not take a look at some local initiatives:

Apathy is boring- Make sure you vote in the Federal Elections on May 2nd!

Celebrate Earth Hour at 8:30 pm, Saturday March 26. Whip out the candles, turn off the lights and spend some quality time with the planet.

March 22 – One month til Earth Day (April 22)… what do you plan to be doing?

March 21 is the International Day to End Racial Discrimination. How does your community fare on this front? What sorts of things could you be taking on to improve the situation?