Our Mission

We endeavor to engage in critical advocacy, thinking deeply about each cause we take on. We try to look at every issue from a number of perspectives, to ask the hard questions, to challenge our own assumptions and to carefully consider and evaluate answers when we get them. We pride our selves in looking for the most ethical, rather than the easiest means to advocate and raise awareness.

Our mission is to engage everyone and anyone who is interested in bringing violence to an  and are willing to focus our attention wherever human rights are being violated. Regardless of your age, class, race, or education level, it is important that everyone feel and know that they have something to offer NGO’s and other humanitarian organizations. It is vital that in advocating, no one is excluded from being able to participate. Together, we can all help to bring violence to an end and trial those accountable for human rights violations. Furthermore, any person wanting to engage in advocacy work clearly shares a  desire to help, and together we can all fight to make change wherever change is needed.

Our mission is not only to help bring violence to an end, but as a population be able to learn from the mistakes of others and help those who need it and bring about justice. As a population, it is our job to ensure our neighbors are living safely, and together we will do our very best in order to ensure that.